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Pars Petrochemical Company is located in the north of the Persian Gulf, 270 km southeast of Bushehr port and 570 km west of Bandar Abbas in the Pars Special Economic Zone. Pars Petrochemical Company was established on March 23, 1998 and its related executive activities began in 1999. The company benefits from the interests of all stakeholders, the development of the petrochemical industry and the production of clean fuel. We are committed to using technology and up-to-date knowledge and quality of processes and products to strive for continuous improvement.
Pars Pertochemical Company
Head office: Plaz 52, Pardis Avenue, Shiraz, Iran, Mullasadra St., Tehran, Iran
Factory: Bushehr, Pars Special Economic Energy Zone, Pars Petrochemical Company
Postal Code: 1584851181 POBox: 363 - 75391
Phone: 5 - 077 - 37263880 Fax: 077-37263890
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